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Formulation and Clinical Support

At PCCA we don’t just manufacture and deliver your personalised medicines – we offer a range of support services to help deliver the best possible outcome for your patients.

Formula Access

With access to the largest, most comprehensive, well-supported formula database in the industry, we offer access to thousands of formulas.

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Clinical Support Team

Our worldwide clinical support team offer over 400 years of combined expertise and experience, consisting of more than 20 pharmacists, chemists, and PhDs on call to answer even the most challenging clinical questions.

Formula Creation

PCCA supports you with the entire process of formula creation, from idea to development to delivery. Our formulation team carry out full research, obtaining all relevant data, establishing product shelf life, and ensuring we are certain that the formulation does what it says it will do.

The formulation development team take into consideration:

  • Patient safety
  • Clinical need
  • Existing patents and commercial products
  • Regulatory status
  • Route of administration
  • Material (API and excipient) availability
  • Related studies and other literature references
  • Chemical stability, compatibility, solubility, melting point, pH and other relevant properties

Our team of specialists will work closely with you at all stages, and will advise you on lead-time, price and next steps.


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